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Michael Nelson Jagamarra

Michael Nelson JagamarraLanguage:     Walpiri
Region:         Papunya
Date of Birth: c1946

Also known as Michael Nelson Tjakamarra, he is one of Australia's most prominent and prolific artists.

Content: Michael is renowned for including more than one dreaming in one painting and has continued to change his style over the years to include many different and bold colours but has continued to paint the dreamings associated with his Walpiri culture.


In 1987, a painting by Michael Neslon Jagamarra was installed in the Sydney Opera House and in 1989 he was commissioned to paint a BMW car, which was exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.


Michael Nelson Jagamarra has had many solo exhibitions and his works are held in all major Australian Galleries including:

  • The National Gallery of Australia
  • National Gallery of Victoria
  • Art Gallery of Western Australia
  • Art Gallery of South Australia

Works for Sale by Michael Nelson Jagamarra

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Michael Nelson Jagamarra

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Michael Nelson Jagamarra

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